Volumetric Calculator

Sometimes parcels can be light but large making it necessary to calculate the volumetric weight of a package as the cost can be affected by the amount of space it occupies during transit. If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of a consignment we charge the greater weight. Our conversion formula is: Length (cms) x width (cms) x height (cms) divided by 4000 as shown in the example diagram.

Irregular shaped items are calculated on the basis of taking the extreme dimensions which can add significant cost to poorly packaged and unsuitably consolidated items. Click on the button above and go to our volumetric calculator where you can enter your 3 dimensions and let our volumetric calculator do the work.

Out of Gauge

We can carry up to a maximum of 3 meter lengths by prior arrangement to most UK destinations but surcharges do apply to items over 1 meters which can be quoted on request. Guaranteed overnight and timed deliveries do not apply to over weight or irregular size loads including over 1 meters and are carried at owners risk. “Out of Gauge” describes any item where two dimensions exceed 80 cm or a weight exceeding 30 kilos and surcharges will apply to such items or held over where not agreed by prior arrangement.

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